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Illinois Legislative Information

For information on statewide bills and other state specific information click here.

For alerts on state wides issues in the legislature click here.

Illinois Legislative Representatives

To see who represents you at the Illinois level and see Illinois legislative issues click here.

National PTA Advocacy

National PTA has a wide array of resources on it's website regarding advocacy. To see the information directly from the website click here.

National PTA Public Policy

The two documents explain the 2015 National PTA's Public Policy.

Webinars for each section of the Policy Agenda are also available here.

Federal Legislative Representatives

To see who represents you at the Federal level and see Federal legislative issues click here.

PTA Votes

In order to register to vote, citizens need two forms of identification verifying their address. Acceptable forms of identification include:

     Illinois driver's license; Illinois state ID; Employee or student ID; Credit Card; Social Security card; Birth certificate; Utility bill in the applicant's name; mail post marked to the applicant; Valid U. S. passport; or lease/rental contract.

Encouraging residents to register and vote is an appropriate PTA activity. However, as a 501 c 3 association you are prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates.

For more information about elections see the PTA Elections Guides.

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