For Local Leaders & Reflections Chairs

The following page contains helpful resources and information for the top “gray section” of the entry form for local PTA leaders. The target audience: Reflections Chairs within the Northwest Cook Region for a given year.

Each year, remember to register your PTA online at If your PTA is participating, we suggest registering in August or anytime in the fall of the new school year.

ART CATEGORIES | Digital vs. Physical Entries (2020)

  • Dance, Film, Music, Literature – collection of these works of art easily lend themselves to a no contact/100% digital submission. Review this Virtual Reflections Resource (created by Illinois PTA).
  • Photography, Visual Arts (2D & 3D) – choose the approach that works best for your team/PTA. If collecting physical projects, please review Packaging Instructions (created by Illinois PTA). An entry form must accompany each project. If your council/local unit decide to accept 3D artwork. it must have three photos from different angels. See Visual Arts rules for 3D requirements.
  • Region is accepting 100% digital submissions. Connect with your council leaders and local president to determine the best approach for your Reflections team.

Forms to Complete & Deliver w/ Projects

  1. Local Unit Participation Form (fillable). Email to next level.
  2. Advancing Projects Spreadsheet (download the XLS version), (google sheet TEMPLATE, choose File > Make a Copy, then change “TEMPLATE” to your school name. Email to next level.

Keys to Success

  • Submission Checklist (originally made available on the Illinois PTA, Leadership Resources, Reflections section).


A completely fillable form is now available on the Illinois PTA Leadership Resources section. Here’s a direct link to that document, it is called “Local Leaders Entry Form” and has a fillable field for the student and parent signatures. The entry form included in the 3-page student packet will also be accepted, but must have student and parent signatures.

Entry forms must follow official rules and projects must follow category/division rules in order to advance. Projects may be disqualified at any level because of rules violations. Council and region levels are more competitive because of the greater number of submissions.

PTA Specific Fields (Top Gray Section)

  • Local PTA IDSearch by City/State for your Local PTA ID. This 8-digit national ID # is listed in the first column of the PTA Local Unit Lookup search results. You can also ask your president or treasurer for this number.
  • Council PTAFind your PTA Council from this list of PTAs & PTSAs in our area. In the NW suburbs of Chicago there are three councils: AHC, NWSC, and STC.
  • District PTA – Our PTA district is “D37”.
  • Region PTA – Our PTA region is “Northwest Cook”, “NWCR”, or “NWC”.
  • State PTA – Enter “Illinois” or “IL”.
  • Paid Dates (Member Dues & Insurance) – Connect with your president or treasurer for these dates, but they may not be known until October. Member dues are paid annually; the deadline for the first payment is Oct 1st. Insurance is paid annually and typically coincides with the start of the school year in the fall.
  • Approval Date (Bylaws) – Connect with your local unit president (council president or region director) for this date.

LOOKING AHEAD | 2021-2022

The theme for our next school year was submitted by Lydia Keel, from Spanish Fork Junior High School PTSA in Utah.  The 2021-2022 theme will be, “I Will Change the World By…”.